Watch And Download One Of The Monique Best Hit Track Titled “Timeless”

Monique Best Hit Tracts Titled “Timeless”

 Monique is a popular Gospel music singer and recording artiste, Monique comes through with the official music video of her single “Timeless.”

 “Timeless” is a song that mixes Classical instrumentation with Tropical sound in an attempt to capture the thematic significance of the song, both with the vocal and otherwise. In the category of World Music, Monique paints a vivid picture of God’s infinite nature.

According to the lyrical content, the notable Spaghetti Records label artiste conjures a pool of words that spurs the listener to worship and praise due to the depth of gratitude triggered.

“No intensity of sunrises or sunsets can measure HIS movement. If you started forever and kept going, you’d reach eternity and you still won’t see HIS beginning or ending.

A million years or a millisecond neither makes a difference to HIS might, mystery or majesty.






Monique “Timeless” Song LYRICS

 Eyy eyy eyy eyy eyy eyy

Aah aah aah aah aah aah aah

You are Timeless

You are Endless

You are Boundless

In Your Fullness

Pure and Holy

Till Eternity

Your Majesty

My Lord and King eyeahhh

Yesu mi O oh oh my Awimayeun Oba oo

Yesu mi O ooo eyeahhhh

Yesu mi O ooo e yeahhh ooo

Yesu mi O eyeahhh oh ooo

You are Timeless

Timeless You are Endless

Endless You are Boundless

Boundless in Your Fullness

Ohh Pure and Holy

Till Eternity

Your Majesty

My Lord and King

Yeahhh Yesu mi O Yesu mi O ooo bowing down bowing down forevermore

Yesu mi O I'm so grateful Yesu mi O oh oh

Yesu mi O You are beyond time or space You are far Above and Existing

Yesu mi O

Yesu mi O In-Exhaustible well of Grace

Yesu mi O oh oh oh

New grace new day

You did it again and again

Idi Ebube eh Ebube

Idi Ebube oh oh oh oh

Idi Ebube ehh ehh

Iyeh Idi Ebube iyo oooo



Timeless Endless

Timeless Endless

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