I Am God by Veronique --Latest Gospel Song [ Download Mp3+ Lyrics]

 I Am God by Veronique --Latest Gospel Song [ Download Mp3+ Lyrics]



A Renowned Writer, Songwriter and Performer, Veronique presents “I Am God” a Gospel inspired  song. With her soothing voice and her transcending presence, she has her songs bathe her with inspiring personal and spiritual lyrical storytelling.

I Am God” is a title that speaks of depression and suicide, still, to this day, taboo subjects in our society. The singer felt guided to share a message of hope for the entire world through this song. Veronique, believes God can help you overcome obstacles.




LYRICS:I Am God by Veronique

When I had nowhere to turn
when all the doors were shut
You came for me LORD
And You stood in me LORD
You rescued me
and here right now a brand new being
Nobody but You LORD

Early on that morning when I got on my knees
Dear LORD You alone could hear the sound of my voice
O LORD my heart was talking
Releasing deep sighs
I knew You were listening Oh God
And suddenly
You responded
You responded
You said


 I am God (God of victory)
I am God (Sovereign God)
I am God (Miracle working God)
I am God (Father of glory)
I am God
I am God

Who set a table before me (You)
when the enemy came (You LORD)
Who shut the mouth of the oppressor (Heah-hea-hea-hea)
Who dried my tears with words of kindness
words of grace and words of faith
You alone You alone
You alone You alone

Who was my succour, my strength
Who set up Men to help me
You did Lord You did Lord
Who brought salvation for my siblings
You did Lord Who put me at the right place
at the right time, with the right strength (O LORD)
Nobody but You LORD

I am God (In your situations)
I am God (In every battle)
I am God (Through the fire)
I am God (Through the waters)
I am God (Through the valley of shadow of death)
(I am Your God)


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