SENSERE - Drop New Single & Video with “Fantasy” /


SENSERE - Drop New Single & Video with “Fantasy” /

SENSERE is composed of 4 vocalists and 7 highly skilled musicians and after an almost 2-year hiatus, they rereleased “Do It” in 2021; a teaser single to hold their fans over for the release of their highly anticipated new project. As the band puts the finishing touches on their forthcoming release, the fellas felt this was the perfect moment to pay homage to the band who has inspired them from the beginning of their musical career, “Earth, Wind, & Fire,” with their remake of the 1977 classic “Fantasy.”

Best known for their soulful, pulsating hit singles, “Win” and “Got Jesus,” SENSERE has always pushed the envelope with their sound, look, and the songs they choose to record. Remaking such an iconic song, by an even more legendary band, was no small feat for SENSERE. Founder, producer, and lead guitarist, James “Jdubb” Wright, explains why he wanted to tackle such a big remake. “I think in this time we need songs that inspire. During the 70s, “Fantasy” was an uplifting and inspiring song that helped people get through all of the police violence, racism, and everything else that came along. Being that our new album is entitled RISE UP and we are still tackling real life issues such as; inequality, brutality, gun violence, and racism, we believe the song fits for the state of the world today. And musically for us as a band, the song is genius!

“Fantasy,” which is available now on all digital outlets (, is a short pit-stop on the road to SINCERE’S 4th full-length project entitled, RISE UP, scheduled to drop later on this year.



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