Nathan Kistler’s Rendition of “The Lord’s Prayer” in DC’s Capitol Rotunda Goes Viral


Nathan Kistler’s Rendition of “The Lord’s Prayer” in DC’s Capitol Rotunda Goes Viral

For over 10 years, Nathan Kistler has ministered to countless members of Congress in Washington, DC. Nathan and his wife, Amber Nelon Kistler, serve as the executive director of Hope to the Hill, a relational evangelistic ministry, presenting Christ in a loving and direct manner to members of both political parties in our Nation’s Capitol.

In addition to this ministry, Nathan is also a gifted vocalist.

Recently, a spontaneous moment in the rotunda of the Capitol has gone viral. Kistler was leading a group on a tour when Rep. Louie Gohmert asked him to sing “The Lord’s Prayer.”

Now, the video has gone viral, with over 1.2 million people seeing the moment. You can view the video here.

Kistler has been overwhelmed by the response. “In the last almost 13 years that I’ve been here in D.C., I’ve never sung in the rotunda of the Capitol. I’ve always set it up for other singers to do but have never experienced it myself. When Rep. Gohmert asked if I would sing for him and the group and I was honored to do so,” stated Kistler.

Actor and outspoken Christian, Kirk Cameron, who is a friend of Kistler’s, shared the video on his social media, saying, “GOOSEBUMPS!! My friend, Nathan Kistler, singing the Lord’s Prayer in the U.S. Capitol… pass this on! Click here for Kirk’s Facebook post.

And pass it on they have.

Kister say’s, “I’m still in complete shock that this beautiful God moment has been shared all over the world!”

Led by Kistler, Hope to the Hill, provides prayer and pastoral support for all those God has put in office. The goal of the ministry is to encourage, support, and minister to powerful and stressed politicians.

The ministry is a supporter-funded ministry in Washington, DC

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