Lilian Nneji Shares Testimony: “God Gave Me Victory! My Enemies Have Been Defeated

Lilian Nneji Shares Testimony: “God Gave Me Victory! My Enemies Have Been Defeated

Powerhouse Gospel singer and music minister Lilian Nneji has expressed her heartfelt gratitude to Almighty God after overcoming a tumultuous period towards the end of 2023.

Revealing her travails with betrayals, pain, and anguish, the energetic praise leader takes to Instagram to share her victorious testimony during faith-testing moments.

“This woman right here is one of the strongest women I have ever known! I thought my biological mother was too strong until life served me my share! 2023 was almost ruined towards the end of it… The battle was fierce! The people I ate at the same table with stabbed me in the back until blood gushed out! Too long to write!” pens Lilian.

“In the midst of my pain and anguish, I refused to turn down the volume of my praise to God, as I knew my victory was embedded in the dance! I noticed I was strong in my bones, yet the pain lingers inside me! I wept on stage, I thanked God more, I sang ‘Thank you for fighting my battles for me Jehovah olugbeja’ by my brother @gbenga.akinfenwa at every program I went ON MY KNEES! IT WAS MORE THAN A SONG!” she continues.

“Behind that beautiful smile, Joy displayed, jumping, and shouting you see on stage was a woman in deep pain! But, of course, I must present the beautiful Jesus to you and not my ugly pain! GOD GAVE ME VICTORY! MY ENEMIES HAVE BEEN DEFEATED! 2023 ended well and 2024 began well!” enthuses the Onwere Ihe Omere Mù crooner.

“I advise you, don’t be scared of that battle; God approved it because he has equipped you… Face it! Thank you all so much! I pray for you all that all that you wish me… MAY IT COME BACK TO YOU 1000 FOLDS IN JESUS NAME… AMEN!” she adds.


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