Zacardi Cortez – Lord Do it For Me


Zacardi Cortez – Lord Do it For Me

Enjoy this tune from Zacardi Corteze and he calls this one, Lord Do it For Me, taken from his album, Imprint (Live in Memphis).

Gifted and talented gospel music sensation, Zacardi Corteze, from America comes through with this dope entry named, Lord Do it For Me, as one of his 2022 songs and was gladly accepted by his audience when it was first released.

Zacardi Renye Louis Cortez is an American gospel musician and Christian artist. He started his music career, in 2012, with the release of The Introduction by Blacksmoke Records. His second album, REloaded, was released by WorldWide Records in 2014. Both albums charted on the Billboard magazine Gospel Albums chart.

Lord Do it For Me is the 10th and one of the tracks made up by Zacardi Corteze’s sensational studio album tagged, Imprint (Live in Memphis), which bagged a total number of thirteen impressive euphonies, that will keep you excited from start to fi


For Me Lyrics

To give a life for a life, the greatest sacrifice
You did it all for me, for me
To know some would say they love you
But soon betray you, still your love is all they see

How can I complain at all you're so faithful
I'm grateful
I could never tell it all, but I'm so faithful
Sacrificed it all for men, knowing that we would fall
So at the very least, all of who I am is what I give to you
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There I was, lost at night
I couldn't see a thing at all but still you knew just what I needed
I found myself drawn to you God
But still I could never repay you; God your love is so amazing

Verse 2:
I know what I deserve, but could never find the words
To make the perfect plea, yeah
All my sins were placed upon you, the pain you went through
You affirmed your love for me, yeah!
Repeat Bridge

Bridge 2:
All of my thoughts
All the sacrifices you made, it was for me
You didn't have to do it but you loved me
That's why I'll always sing of His glory
It's incredible you did it for me

Bridge 2:
He did; did it for me, He did
He, he did; did it for me He did

Verse 3:
That I'm not sayin this cos' I feel good
Or everything is going well but I clearly see
That all the loved you showed me was for someone else who's just like me
So I will take every story I have
And use it so someone can run and ask
God I'm willing, cause when I see my brother, all I see is me
Repeat Chorus 2x
Repeat Bridge 2

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