MUSIC: My Spirit Waits On You – Tony Ceemony

Audio & Video: My Spirit Waits On You – Tony Ceemony

Dr. Anthony Ceemony, also known as Tony Ceemony, is not just an esteemed lead Pastor in the word but also gifted in music ministry, he continually blesses the world with his powerful sounds of worship His latest release, titled “My Spirit Waits On You,” is a testament to his devotion in spreading God’s message through the gift of music.

With his soothing vocals and heartfelt lyrics, Tony Ceemony creates an atmosphere that allows listeners to connect with God on a deeper level. “My Spirit Waits On You” is an invitation to surrender, to let go of the worries and distractions of the world, and embrace the peace that comes from resting in the presence of the Almighty As you listen to the soul-stirring melodies and immerse yourself in heartfelt worship, be prepared to experience a divine encounter that will leave you refreshed, strengthened, and transformed.

Tony Ceemony’s ability to seamlessly blend his passion for ministry and music makes “My Spirit Waits On You” an extraordinary offering that will undoubtedly touch the hearts and uplift the souls of believers around the globe.




Oh! My spirit waits on you

My teacher
My father

My source
My God
My all
My Fortress

Oh! My spirit waits on 

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