(Music) God Dey the Game By Nuel Iwex


God Dey the Game By Nuel IwexGospel Music Minister and Pastor, Nuel Iwex, has released a powerful single titled “God Dey the Game.”

Speaking about the song, he reiterates, “This song is born out of the fact that life is a race full of uncertainties and temptations. The song emerged during an economic downturn when life seemed gloomy, but once God is involved, then the race is as good as won.”

Nuel Iwex began his musical journey at the age of 14, singing in the church choir. Until now, he has embraced songwriting and performance as a way of life. Leading a team of worshippers called “De Freshdew Music,” he has recorded numerous songs to glorify God.

The song, ‘God Dey the Game,’ is available for download across all major platforms.

Download the Song Below:


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