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 G.L.O God’s Love Only Releases “Royalty” To Christian Radio Jessie Clark

In an electrifying new release to Christian Rhythmic and Hip-Hop radio, independent artist G.L.O God’s Love Only announces her latest single, “Royalty.” Produced by Alex Rene Espinoza and penned by the dynamic Kim Ruiz, “Royalty” emerges as a powerful declaration of a believer’s heavenly lineage and eternal worth. With an innovative blend of rhythmic beats and spiritually enriching lyrics, the song is set to resonate deeply within the hearts of listeners, reminding them of their royal standing through God’s love.

“Royalty” is not just a song; it’s a movement. Crafted to uplift and inspire, the single speaks directly to the soul, empowering individuals to embrace their identity as children of the King. The lyrics, rich with biblical truths, are a reminder of the eternal treasures and the unfading inheritance that await believers in heaven. G.L.O’s passionate delivery and the song’s catchy rhythm make it an instant hit for anyone seeking music with depth and vibrance.

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