MUSIC: Aaron Cole – Tables Turned (Mp3 Download, Lyrics)

Gifted American gospel music singer songwriter and Worship Leader, Aaron Cole has just released an impressive new track titled “Tables Turned”. And you can get it right here for your easy download!


Tables Turned Mp3 Download & Lyrics by Aaron Cole

Tables Turned Lyrics by Aaron Cole.

No, I can’t stay away from you (no)
Though I know you’re no good (yeah)
And I’d leave if I could (it’s totally different now)

Tables turned, whoa
Tables turned, whoa
Change occurred, whoa (yeah)
Look how the tables turned (tables), whoa
Sorry that I changed, uh (changed)
Charge it to the game, ayy (yeah)
Couldn’t be the same, couldn’t be the same
And come what I became, ayy (yeah)

Look (uh)
I’m top one, it’s not a debate (debate)
Uh, look, ain’t been the same since I left the Chi for my grandmother’s wake, uh (yeah)
My heart turned cold when I seen my grandmother’s face (whoa)
Knew I had to pick up the pace, make sure the family was straight
That’s why I don’t pray just to pray
Pray ’cause it’s no other way, I got what it take
I’m workin’, uh (work)
I’m hurt but I’m still in my Birkin (Birkin)
Look, you blowin’ smoke (yeah)
Kept a jacket from Burlington coat
Felt like Louis ’cause we didn’t know, ayy (know)
We had no choice, we was broke, ayy
Laughin’ my way to a G.O.a.t stat’, now who the butt of the joke?
A slippery slope

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